Water Purifier Hul Pureit Ultima Ro+Uv Water Purifier

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  • Installation: Free installation is provided on this product by the manufacturer.
  • Type: Electric with storage
  • Warranty details: 1 year on product
  • Technology: RO+UV water purification
  • Capacity:10 litres
  • Includes: Water purifier, User manual, Warranty card and Service center details
  • Type of Tank: food grade plastic
  • Easy Returns: This product is eligible for full refund within 10 days of delivery in case of any product defects, damage or features not matching the description provided



Drink Pure Water Using HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

Water is life and we cannot do without safe and clean drinking water for a healthy life. And how do we assure that the water we drink is safe for our body? Definitely, it’s clean and safe, free from germs when purified water is obtained from HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier. This advanced water purifier has the capacity to clear 10 million germs from 1L of water as the water passes through various treatments like UV and RO to assure the safest drinking water for you and your family.

HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Comes with an Advanced Alert System

You need not worry about when your water purifie cartridge stops working, as the HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier comes with an advanced alert system that lets you know some days before the GermKill cartridge stops working. This way, you actually have enough time to act and be ready with the replacement.

Gift your Family Safe Drinking Water with HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

The HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifie has various features like the Neon Flash Belt that lights up whenever the water purifier is used. In addition, the TDS modulator improves the taste of your drinking water. Buy online HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier at a discounted price at

From the manufacturer Water Purifier

Height 490 mm
Width 380 mm
Depth 285 mm
Weight 10 kgs
Purified Water Flow Rate [Average]* Approximately 9 – 12 Litre per hour
Water Storage Capacity 8 Litres**
6 Stage Purifying Technology PP melt blown pre-sediment filter, Pre-RO carbon filter, post-carbon sediment filter, reverse osmosis membrane, UV reactor and post-RO carbon filter
Membrane type Thin film composite spiral wound
Pump Type Diaphragm pump, 24V DC
% Recovery* Typically 25%
TDS Reduction*** 90% (Min)
Power Rating 55 Watts
Pressure rating 5–30 PSI****
Input Voltage 150 – 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz (150 – 300 VAC) 50 / 60 Hz)
Material of Construction Food grade, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics
Length of Power Adapter 1.5 metres
Total Dissolved Solids Upto 2000 mg/lit
Total Hardness 500 mg/lit (max)
Iron 0.3 mg/lit (max)
Turbidity 1 NTU (Max


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