VU Technologies P LTD 64-inches 3840×2160 UHD Smart TV (Silver)

125,111.00 125,000.00

  • 3840*2160 Resolution with Builtin 8 GB Storage
  • Builtin WiFi, Screen Mirroring Motion Enhancement & Compensation Edge-lit LED Backlit
  • Air Mouse Remote,Upscales Everything in 4K ,Advanced Hyper Technology
  • 4X Quad core graphic engine
  • Free Shipping



The curved design fits viewing habits of human eyes, creating a concave screen that offers a wider viewing angle and immersive viewing experience. The lifelike and near-panoramic images make viewers feel as if they were actually in the scenes. The curved screen shows obvious contrast next to its conventional counterparts in its design, accentuating its differentiating feature. The next generation UHD 4K curved LED TV displays have been designed with the world’s leading 4000R golden curvature. The concave screen adopts optimal visual design so that its free viewing angle delivers vivid and undistorted images. The panoramic view and surround sound system create an immersive experience for exceptional audiovisual entertainment. Moreover, you will also be able to store your multimedia content on your secure cloud and play streaming on VU TV whenever you want. Only VU futureproof TV’s allows you to tune with cloud and not only enjoy the content at your home but also anywhere across the globe on VU TV. You can login to the present application and play the media files stored on your web storage when your TV is connected to the Internet 4X Graphic Engine These new generation Quad-core processor will come in small and cool form factors and allow users to enjoy a richer, more immersive Ultra-HD experience delivering fast, crystal-clear sports action and increased color fidelity together with the increased media-content resolution.

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