Sony Alpha A6000L 24.3MP Digital SLR Camera

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An Easy DSLR Style Photography

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If you are looking forward to take crystal clear and crisp pictures, just like how the professional does, then buy yourself Sony Alpha A6000L 24.3MP Digital SLR Camera that lets you enjoy advanced features like Multi Interface Shoe to help you with accessories to shoot movies and still images with high-capacity flash units, user interface easily customisable for faster and swifter access to other functions as well as a built-in flash to reduce camera shakes and blur.

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Achieve Sharp and Detailed Images Easily

The Sony Alpha A6000L 24.3MP Digital SLR Camera has a processing speed three times the speed in the earlier models. Also comes the new BIONZ X that has the capability to capture photos with reduced blurriness, rich textures and reduced visual noise for a better and sharper image. Experience extraordinary image quality and improved light sensitivity with the 24.3MP APS HD CMOS sensor. Besides, the OLED Tru-Finder EVF optical system with four double aspherical lenses and loaded with real-time data lets you enjoy better photos.

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Get Perfect Moments Captured Forever

Experience the latest technologies from Sony like the all new 4D Focus that lets you capture moving objects with utmost clarity. It smartly combines wide coverage, autofocus speed and steady tracking using a high-end AF algorithm. Buy online Sony Alpha A6000L 24.3MP Digital SLR Camera (Black) with 16-50mm Lens (ILCE-6000L) available at a great price at



24.3 MP Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor

Digital SLR Camera Create images of astounding beauty that surpass your expectations with Sony’s newly developed 24.3-effective- megapixel APS-C image sensor. The same size as found in most Digital SLR Camera, this new sensor features optimised light gathering (through angled micro-lenses) and improved light sensitivity.

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BIONZ X Image Processing Engine

With three times the processing speed of earlier models, the new BIONZ X is able to accurately capture textures, reduce blurry details and even suppress visual noise in specific areas to ensure sharp images. All these advantages apply equally to still images or video.

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4D Focus

4D Focus enables superior autofocus performance in four dimensions: Wide autofocus coverage (2D height and width), fast autofocus speed (3D depth) and enhanced predictive tracking (4D time).

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Wide 179 AF Points Coverage, Over Nearly the Entire Screen

More autofocus points mean a better chance of capturing a perfectly sharp image and with a class-leading 179 AF points, the α6000 Digital SLR Camera provides extensive frame coverage and continuous, precise location of your subject, no matter where in the frame they may be.

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Upto 11 fps Continuous Shooting with AF Tracking

When your subject is moving fast, 11 fps continuous shooting with superior AF tracking performance ensures you capture the decisive moment. This feature makes the most of the superb tracking.

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Fast Hybrid AF

Capture every subject clearly with unparalleled precision, at record speed, thanks to Sony’s newly advanced Fast Hybrid AF with vastly improved phase-detection and contrast-detection capabilities. Faster data reading from the image sensor, higher-speed BIONZ X data processing, more advanced AF algorithms and optimised control of the lens drive delivers approximately 35% faster performance than in previous systems.

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Eye AF

Even when capturing a subject partially turned away from the camera with a shallow depth of field, the face is sharply focused thanks to extremely accurate Eye AF. A green frame appears over the prioritised eye when focus has been achieved.

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Lock-on AF

Now more accurate than ever, due to advances in phase-detection AF, Lock-on AF enhances tracking of moving subjects by adjusting target frame size to match subject characteristics and ensuring usage of the optimal AF point at all times.

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Full HD Movies

Press the Movie button to start recording beautiful movies that are notable for their sharpness and lack of visual “noise” – in your choice of 60p/50p, 60i/50i or 24p/25p.

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Customizable Buttons

Button customisation lets you shoot just the way you like for greater speed and convenience. You can assign any of 47 functions to any of 7 buttons (including 2 dedicated custom buttons), and assign up to 12 functions to the Fn button for quick access.

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Tiltable LCD Screen

Shooting comfort is enhanced by a 7.5 cm (3.0-type) LCD screen that smoothly tilts to accommodate everything from low to high-angle shooting. This tilting flexibility combines with the camera’s compact mobility to greatly expand your shooting options.

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High-Resolution OLED Tru-Finder

View every scene clearly and naturally on the bright and accurate OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder which offers 100% frame coverage. Clear details, rich tonal gradation and high contrast are yours in both dark and light environments, thanks to an advanced OLED design that lets you more faithfully preview defocusing, exposure and other effects.

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Express yourself with Picture Effect

Turn everyday scenes into works of art with Picture Effect. Experiment with thirteen modes on photos or movies and view them in real-time on the LCD screen to achieve the perfect look.

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Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Auto HDR expands the dynamic range of your images from dark shadows to bright highlights to capture all the tonal gradations seen by your naked eye. It instantly shoots three exposures and composites the best details from each in the highlights, mid-tones and shadows – at high speed – to create a single image with an extremely wide dynamic range.

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One-Touch Sharing

Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity make it simple to show and share your genius. It requires no complicated setup and – in one step – enables the transfer of photos or movies to NFC-compatible Android smartphones or tablets.

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PlayMemories Camera Apps

Sony’s apps make your Digital SLR Camera smarter, effortlessly. Add upgrades and new capabilities to your camera as your photographic skills expand.



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