Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star (2018) Split Air Conditioner (AR12MC5JAMC, White)

28,000.00 27,500.00

Features are optimal single blade, air direction control (up or down), air direction control (left or right), full HD filter, anti allergy care, anti-bacteria coating, anti-virus coating, smart installation, on and off timer, voltage fluctuation protector, auto restart, good sleep, dehumidification, auto mode, fan mode, durafin and muti jet plus condenser.

  • Energy Rating: 3 Star Rating (2018). Note that as per Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), there is 2 point energy rating drop in 2018 for non-inverter split ACs. E.g. a 2017 5 star non-inverter split AC will become 3 star in 2018.
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • 5 years warranty on compressor
  • Split AC:1 ton capacity




Fast Cooling Air Conditioner

Fast Cooling Air conditioner cools the room fast by running the compressor at the maximum level whit the faster fan speed for 30 minutes. So it provides relief from the sweltering heat outside.

Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star (2018) Split Air Conditioner (AR12MC5JAMC, White) 2

Keeps the Air Clean

3 care filter helps keeping your air fresh and the inside of the unit clean. As well as capturing dust, its unique coating may eliminate up to 99% of certain kinds of viruses, bacteria and allergens* as they pass through its dense filter mesh.

Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star (2018) Split Air Conditioner (AR12MC5JAMC, White) 3

Stable Performance

Keeps going in the most challenging environments with Triple Protector Plus technology. It prevents overloads without a separate voltage stabilizer* has an anti-corrosive coating and can endure extreme heat.

* Tested on AR09HPSDDWK Compared with Samsung conventional model AR09HPSDFAP/RC.

Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star (2018) Split Air Conditioner (AR12MC5JAMC, White) 4

Enjoy Good Night’s Sleep

Good Sleep mode creates the desirable climate for a good night’s sleep. With its temperature control and moisture adjustment it may help you feel comfortable during your sleep.

Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star (2018) Split Air Conditioner (AR12MC5JAMC, White) 5

Stays Fresh

When the air conditioner is turned off the auto clean function automatically runs a fan to remove dust and moisture in the heat exchanger. So it stays clean and dry which prevents the growth of bacteria and mildew.

Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star (2018) Split Air Conditioner (AR12MC5JAMC, White) 6


Samsung’s new air conditioner would not allow your place stay damp and muggy. Samsung’s new air conditioner is the most appropriate choice to remove excess moisture from your environment. No need to empty a water bucket for sure!

Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star (2018) Split Air Conditioner (AR12MC5JAMC, White) 7

Low Watt

Samsung air conditioner deliver powerful cooling at a low wattage, ensuring that you save money and energy – without losing any comfort. With high efficiency than conventional air conditioner, you’ll see the difference when the bill comes.

Performance Electrical Data
Capacity Tonnage 1.0 Power Source V/Hz/Φ 230/50/1
Capacity Kw 3.7 Power Consumption Cooling W 1,010
EER (Cooling, W/W) 3.61 Operating Current Cooling A 4.6
Moisture Removal (l/hr) 1.5 Net Dimension (WxHxD) Indoor mm 890*285*240
Air Circulation ( ㎥/min) 14.0 Net Dimension (WxHxD) Outdoor mm 720*548*265
Noise Level Indoor High/Low 40 / 30 Net Weight (kg) Indoor Kg 9.6
Outdoor High 52 Net Weight (kg) Outdoor Kg 31.7
Technical Information Air Purification
SVC Valve Liquid (OD xL) 6.35 Full HD Filter Yes
SVC Valve Gas (OD xL) 12.70 Anti Allergy Care Yes
Piping Length Max 15 Anti-Bacteria Coating Yes
Piping Height Max 7 Anti-Virus Coating Yes
Air Flow Auto Clean (Self Cleaning) Yes
Optimal Single Blade Yes
Air Direction Control (Up/Down) Auto
Air Direction Control (Left/Right) Manual
Air Flow Control Step (Cool/Fan) 4/3
Convienence Operating Mode Outdoor Unit
Indoor Temp. Display Fast Cool Turbo Compressor Type Rotary
Remote Controller Yes Good Sleep Yes Durafin Yes
Display On/Off Single User Mode Smart Saver Muti Jet + Condenser Yes
Smart Installation Yes Dehumidification Yes Refrigerant Type R22
On/Off Timer Yes Auto Mode Yes Low Ambient Cooling ℃ 15~52
Voltage Fluctuation Protector Yes Fan Mode Yes
Auto Restart Yes


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