Godrej Forte 40 Steel Safe (White)

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With its tall design, Godrej Forte 40 is specially developed to offer secure storage and easy access to important files, documents, besides other valuables. Forte’s multibend design along with motorised shooting bolts provides the user enhanced protection. It is packed with hi-tech features such as LED Touch Panel, low battery indicator, digital locking mechanism, mechanical override, auto free after consecutive attempts provides safety as well good looks.

  • Compact, strong 40 Litre, 16 Kg, Mild Steel safe locker. Dimensions- H*W*D::417*350*358 mm
  • Application: Tall design for easy storage of A4 files, documents and other tall items
  • Locking Mechanism: Opens with 3-6 digit password, Enabled with a Master password for better control, Mechanical override in case password is forgotten
  • Security features: 2 motorized shooting bolts (solid steel) for extra protection, Multi-bend construction for superior strength and auto-freeze after consecutive wrong attempts, Option for anchoring and grouting
  • Convenience Features: Non-volatile memory, password retained even if batteries are removed, Compact with attractive aesthetics, Durable finish, Enhanced battery life, Low battery indication, Pass word entry can be hidden, Interior Carpet, 100 audit log trails can be viewed on the safe (shows opening records along with date, time along with method of opening)
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • The product does not contain batteries. To activate the digital touch panel, please insert 4 number of AA 1.5V Alkaline batteries in the battery compartment. Please refer the User manual (uploaded on the product page) to insert the batteries



Godrej Forte 40

Compact with attractive aesthetics and a sleek LCD display, Godrej Forte 40 is embedded with a digital locking system. Choose a secret password between 3 to 6 digits and you are all set to keep your valuables safe. The Godrej Forte 40 is equipped with motorised shooting bolts for added protection. The safe comes with a low battery indicator that gives an early warning indication so that you can replace the battery well in advance. Should the battery run low, non-volatile memory prevents password erasure. Other security features include mechanical override key in case you forget your password and an autofreeze functionality that comes into play when the wrong password is entered four times in a row. Made of mild steel, Godrej Forte 40 is not just a reliable safe, it is also designed to complement the interiors of your home.

Special Features

Godrej Forte 40

Motorised Shooting Bolts

Added security makes breaking into the safe even harder.

Godrej Forte 40 Steel Safe

Automatic Freeze

The safe freezes to prevent a break-in after 4 consecutive wrong attempt.

Forte 40

Mechanical Override Key

Key override system in case you forget your password.

Other Features

steel safe

Opens with a Password

Create a unique 3-6-digit password to ensure round the clock security.

electronic safe

Hide Password Entry

An option to mask the password entry.

money safe

Master Password

In case you forget your password, you can also open the safe with a master password set by the company that you can change on purchase.

safe money

Non-Volatile Memory

Non-volatile memory prevents password erasure when the battery runs low.

power lock


Warranty Information

– 1 year term covered

– The company shall repair or replace any part proven to be defective in material or workmanship within the warranty period

Not Covered in Warranty

Any damage resulting from mishandling or improper usage or lack of maintenance or gas leakage, fire, burglary, accident, dropping, excessive shock, acts of nature, loss of components or accessories, replacement/repair by anyone other than authorised personnel, consumable parts like batteries, plastic parts, accessories etc.

Product information Digital lock Godrej Forte 40 


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