Godrej AC 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (GSC 12 GIA 5 Awog, White)

56,000.00 55,500.00

  • Split AC; 1 ton
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star
  • Warranty: 10 years compressor warranty;5 years condenser warranty
  • 4.55 ISSER inverter technology
  • Free standard installation
  • Sleep, dry, turbo, eco and auto mode
  • Green balance technology
  • Intelligent air throw mode and udat



This new Godrej AC comes with a unique green inverter technology, which uses world’s greenest refrigerant (R290) to provide maximum energy saving; making it India’s most power saving green inverter AC.

PFC Condenser with Nano Coating Technology

Condenser being an important component in the refrigerant flow, any damage to the condenser adversely impacts the cooling. The parallel flow Condenser in this AC comes with nano coating, thus ensuring better protection from corrosion and longer durability.

Godrej AC

10 Years Compressor Warranty

It has 10 years compressor warranty.

5 star ac

5 Years Condenser Warranty

It has 5 years condenser warranty.

Godrej air conditioner

Free Standard Installation

Free standard installation applicable only on green balance AC range.

godrej ac

Green Balance Technology

The AC apart from it’s high energy efficiency output, is also more environment-friendly than any other AC and has the lowest global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential.

new split ac

Intelligent Air Throw Mode & UDAT (User Defined Air Throw)

In the Intelligent Air Throw Mode, the AC senses the room temperature and automatically adjusts the air throw. This helps avoid continuous high air throws which often lead to concerns like dryness of skin and fatigue. The UDAT enables the user to select the Air Throw from min. to max. as per preference in the cooling mode, thus resulting in maximum comfort.

ECO Mode

Godrej Inverter AC has an additional feature called the ECO mode. When it is selected as an input from the remote, the compressor will run in a power saving mode and result in 25% lesser power consumption.

Auto Mode

The Godrej AC automatically selects the mode in which it should run by judging the difference in the ambient temperature and the set temperature.

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Dry Mode

The Godrej AC works as a dehumidifier in this mode and relieves you of excess humidity in the room.

Sleep Mode

The temperature increases by 1 degree celsius per hour for the first two hours. It also helps reduce energy consumption.

Turbo Mode

The Godrej AC gives instant cooling in this mode.

Auto Clean/Blow Function

The indoor unit fan remains on for 2 minutes after the Godrej AC has been turned off. This helps clean all the residual water from the evaporator.

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