Bosch Washing machine 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading (WAK24168IN, Silver)

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Quick and efficient Washing Bosch WAK24168IN gives a very quick and efficient washing of clothes with its pre-activated SpeedPerfect. It provides you with the quickest washing among all the modes. It accelerates washing by up to 65percent without compromising the quality of the wash. Proper Washing of Sari and some important features This is a unique feature for the Indian customers of Bosch WAK24168IN. This is a customized setting available in the washing machine wherein a preset function makes sure that a sari is washed in the machine gently without compromising on the quality. This Washing Machine has a reload function that enables the user to load or unload the clothes in between the washing cycle without causing any harm to the machine. Other features The washing machine comes with a feature called WaterPlus which ensures that clothes are washed properly without leaving the detergent residue behind. With its VolaCheck features, this washing machine works well even during voltage fluctuations. It makes the user aware of any change in voltage by blinking. It then adjusts itself to the present voltage and does the washing without doing any damage to itself. This washing machine comes with VarioDrum feature which assists the machine in giving a thorough wash to the clothes without being harsh on the fabric. It reduces soaking time of the clothes by distributing the water and detergent evenly. This allows the machine to give a good wash to the clothes. Designed to be the best Apart from the above-mentioned features which make it an ideal product, it comes loaded with some other unique features. Its monsoon programme prevents the emission of foul smell from damp clothes during monsoon season. Antivibration technique allows this machine to be noiseless during washing and spinning. Foam detection function detects extra foam in the clothes while washing and take preventive measures. Front loading technique ensures less consumption of water and electricity while unbalanced load detection and multiple protection levels provide balance to the machine. Carefully browse through the terms and conditions to check if the exchange offer is applicable for your city and location details. You can also check out our buying guide at Amazon India on washing machines for more clarity and information. If you have any queries regarding product availability, exchanges or any other issue, feel free to call our dedicated Toll-Free number: 1800-3000-9027 (Available from 8am to 11pm seven days a week). You can bag this product from Amazon Indiatoday

Warranty: 2 years warranty on the product.





Bosch Washing machine has A clever feature that adjusts the level of water by sensing the amount of load. In fact, it reduces the water usage that helps reduce the usage of electricity. Not just that, it uses hot water to remove the detergent residue and bacteria formed inside the wash drum, increasing the life of the machine and giving you a perfect washing experience.

Bosch Washing machine

AllergyPlus and ECARF Bosch Washing machine

World’s 1st Bosch washing machine with ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) certified programme to reassure you of a perfectly hygienic programme. Washes away the detergent residue left on your clothes. Just one push of a button, and no more allergies.

bosch washing machine

AntiVibration Design

Now sleep peacefully at night while your washing machine works without much noise. The AntiVibration Design of Bosch washing machine reduce vibrations during the spin cycle and are designed to ensure the machine does not shake when in action.

Bosch Washing machine 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading  (WAK24168IN, Silver) 2

Reload Function

Forgot a sock or shirt after starting the wash cycle or mixed a coloured item in with the load of white laundry? The reload option allows you to open the door early in the cycle to add or remove the items easily.

Bosch washing machine

SpeedPerfect Bosch Washing machine

Perfect for those in a hurry – reduce wash time by up to 65% without compromising on wash results with this option and enjoy more time to do the things you love.

Bosch washing machine

Time Delay 24 Hours

The Time Delay 24hrs function lets you delay your wash cycle between 1 to 24 hours, so you don’t have to wait for it to finish. You can set the time and delay the wash cycle to give you fresh laundry, when you need it.

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Designed specially to deal with fl uctuations and interruptions in your power supply, VoltCheck not only features an indicator that blinks whenever this happens but also automatically resumes the wash from the last cycle when stable power is available.

Bosch Washing machine

Super 15’/30′ Programme

Running late for work, but still have to do your laundry? Here’s a quick solution. Wash, rinse and spin up to 2kgs of your lightly soiled laundry in 15 to 30 mins with the Super 15’/30′ Programme.

Bosch Washing machine

Monsoon Program

Monsoon – Whether it’s freshening up wet or lightly soiled clothes or removing odours from damp clothes that remain after cold washing – our Monsoon Program will get the job done quickly and easily. This wash program with a warm final rinse cycle reduces moisture and shortens the drying process by 10% for quicker drying – perfect for wet and humid monsoon

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This unique feature is very effective in areas that receive soft water. Soft water leads to extra lathering that requires extra usage of water to ensure thorough rinsing of your clothes so that no detergent residue remains on them. WaterPlus has been designed to increase the level of water during the wash and rinse cycle, making sure every wash is perfect.

Bosch Washing machine 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading  (WAK24168IN, Silver) 5

Vario Drum

Bosch Washing machine  built to be tough on the stains and gentle on your clothes. Its asymmetric paddles powers heavy-duty washing and raindrops drum surface design is gentle on the clothes. Its advanced water flow system ensures efficient distribution of water and detergent throughout the wash, so that you don’t waste time soaking your laundry.

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10 years warranty on motor ensures our products are of the highest standard and quality of Bosch Washing machine.


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